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The Importance of Family Meetings

October 2011

An excellent way to build cooperation in a family is to hold regular family meetings. Like many of my clients, you might wonder if they can really help. After all, meetings seem to be for work or church. Also, most of us did not experience regular family meetings in our home growing up, so it is hard to imagine what they might be good for and how to conduct them.

There are at least six good reasons to hold family meetings. First, they offer a chance for all members to share good feelings, not only about your lives in general, but also about each other. Second, they afford your family another opportunity to have some fun together. Third, over time, your family will feel more like a team in which people help one another. The fourth reason to have a family meeting is that it gives you, the parents, a chance to teach your children about respect and problem solving in a systematic and conscious way. Also, family meetings have been found to reduce a parent’s need to hit and yell at his/her children, which is something almost every parent has felt the urge to do at one time or another. Lastly, by holding regular family meetings, you give your children a place they can count on to be heard and loved.

Like any new habit, establishing regular family meetings takes time and effort. Here are some guidelines to help them be as effective as possible:

Don’t forget – any new habit requires consistent effort. And, don’t expect to have a “perfect” meeting. Over time you will observe how family meetings are helping your family to work and grow together, which will be its own reward.  

For an excellent source for learning more about family meetings and other means to achieve effective parenting, go to www.STEPPublishers. They have excellent handbooks for parents of children of all ages.


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